The Rye House Championship & Whilton Mill Monday Night Club

My Lakeside race convinced my parents that my Javea track record was not a fluke and a recommendation took me to the young Lewis Hamilton’s home track at Rye House, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire and the Rye House Junior Championship.

In my first season, as inexperienced as I was, I finished in the top three of the very strong Spa Group which included great drivers like George Plasters and Teddy Stevens.

Towards the end of the season I was invited to participate in the elite driver Top Gun Championship.

In second season in 2018, I set one of the fastest ever junior lap time in a junior kart race

I’m not happy coming second

From left to right Jack Harris, George Plasters, Teddy Stevens, Ryan Margolis

Racing once a month wasn’t enough

So I joined in the 2018 Whilton Mill Monday Night Club

Even though I entered the season late, I still finished 2nd in the championship.

However, as anyone who has raced corporate karts knows, they are not consistent in terms of performance, and at around 40mph, they were definitely not fast enough for me.

I wanted speed, speed and more speed.

Prepping at Whilton Mill

For me there is no better feeling

Whilton Mill Monday Night Club

My own personal speed machine

In December 2018 I was lucky to get a Xenon racing kart chassis with an Iame X30 senior engine. It is stored at Rye House and I used it to take the step up from corporate to racing karts.

First time out in my own race kart

Racing teams

It didn’t take me long to get used to the 75mph top speed of my racing kart and I wanted to see how I would compare to more experienced drivers in racing teams.

So, in February 2019, I tested my own kart with the BMR racing team at Whilton Mill. I turned up there thinking that I was going to be part of the Junior grid, but to our shock, we were told I had a senior exhaust. Actually, being in the senior category was a good thing as the juniors were all over the place. Throughout the duration of the day, my lap times were going down every session.

Even thought it was my first time in an X30 at Whilton Mill, my telemetry showed I was just under a second off the pace of BMR’s, and one of the country’s fastest young drivers.

In March 2019 I was spotted by Nathan Rawlinson, the Principal of SFR Motorsport who offered me a trial at Rye House.

With BMR

With SFR Team Principal Nathan Rawlinson
That was so successful that Nathan immediately asked to race for SFR Motorsport at the next Independent Kart Race (IKR) event at Rye House in the Rotax Senior Division.

This was my first ever race and it was pretty eventful. In one qualifier my engine wouldn’t start, and I watched from the pit lane as the karts did the formation lap and then the rolling start.

At that moment the engineers got the engine going and I dashed out to catch up the field. Even though I started well behind, I made up the gap AND 5 places and qualified for the final in 10th place out of 15.

In the final I made up 5 places early on when I realised that the kart wasn’t quite right. Then I noticed not only was the kart in front pulling away, but the kart behind me was catching up. I WAS SLOWING DOWN.

I let the kart behind me go past because I had seen a cloud of smoke coming from my engine and at the same time the marshals signaled for me to return to the pits.

So, what could have been a podium on my first ever race turned into a mechanical failure, but I know that’s all part of racing.

And I can’t wait for my next opportunity to race……

My fastest ever lap time at Rye House 35.1 seconds in a Ralf Schumacher kart (0.1 0ff the track record)

In the pits at Rye House IKR

Going back to Karting Javea

In 2018 we went back to Javea, but this time I had my racing gear to wear in the hot Spanish sun.

I really wanted to beat the adult track record at Karting Javea but was just 0.086 off the record which is held by the track owner – note: Many of the names on the sheet below are actually the same person!

It was great seeing Carlos again and meeting Leon

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